News archive

6.11.2015 A successful agricultural year and increased revenues
3.11.2015 Sojaprotein products as a part of the Bečej gastronomic tourist offer
17.10.2015 Victoria Group at the Fifth Agricultural Forum “Food for Europe”
12.10.2015 Iskon oil awarded the Ruža Zeps for the fifth time
15.09.2015 International Year of Soils marked at the “Sustainable Soil Use” event
14.09.2015 SEDEX audit in SP Laboratorija – reevaluation as required by SMETA 4-Pillar requests
20.08.2015 Victoria Logistic ready to purchase
5.08.2015 Revenue and business results increase of Victoria Group in the first half of 2015
1.07.2015 Soybean Field Day organized by Victoria Logistic and Danube Soya Regional Center
26.06.2015 Law on Pre-Harvest Financing for increased transparency of this model of financing
24.06.2015 Victoria Group supported the project “Golubinci Oasis”
19.06.2015 Benefit - new food line for ruminants from Veterinarski zavod Subotica
12.06.2015 Sojaprotein receives acknowledgment from Regional Chamber of Commerce Novi Sad
11.06.2015 Victoria Group supports Serbian Special Olympics
10.06.2015 Sojaprotein at the World Fair EXPO 2015
4.06.2015 Students from the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad visit Victoriaoil
27.05.2015 SP Laboratory seeks to prevent the contamination of raspberries and blackberries through education
25.05.2015 Spring sowing finished in Serbia
18.05.2015 Victoria Logistic organized a gathering with its business partners
15.05.2015 Victoria Group among the “Heroes of change”
15.05.2015 Victoria Group participated in the Round Table on soybean production at the Agricultural Fair
11.05.2015 Victoria Group at the Danube Soya Congress
30.04.2015 The scope of Danube Soya certification expanded
30.04.2015 Victoria Logistic at the Conferences of the National Society of Processing and Energy in Agriculture
30.04.2015 Gold Medal for Iskon Oil