Leaders in purchase and processing of oilseeds

NON-GMO soy, sunflower and rapeseed

Among largest exporters in Serbia

More than 50 export markets around the world

Sustainable investments in agro-industry

High quality according to European standards

Sojaprotein among the top soybean texturate producers in the world
In the global report from “MarketsandMarkets” on the textured soybean protein market, Sojaprotein is listed among the top 11 players in this market segment in the world.
Iskon oil awarded by world-famous chefs
For the second time in a row, Iskon edible sunflower oil was presented with the prestigious “Superior Taste Award 2017”, awarded by the iTQi - International Taste and Quality Institute based in Brussels.


Mr. Patrick Mewton Appointed as Special Advisor for Victoria Group and Sojaprotein
Victoria Group Remained One of Serbia’s Biggest Exporters in 2018
Good News for Serbian Agriculture: Cooperation Between MK Group and Victoria Group
ISKON Oil in New Packaging
ISKON Oil Awarded Gold Medal by the Novi Sad Fair
NON-GMO soy products for human and animal consumption
Sunflower, soy and rapeseed products: oil, meal, lecithin
Victoria Logistic
Trade and storage of agricultural goods, organization of production


Victoria Group is one of the largest exporters in Serbia and at the very top in agri-food sector.


>50 countries on 5 continents


80% of export for European Union

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Edible sunflower oil from technologically most advanced factory in the Balkans, with high vitamin E content and natural antioxidants.



Cooperation with agricultural community based on long-term partnerships, integrity, reliability and high quality.


40,000 farmers


300 cooperatives

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