News archive

25.03.2014 Dog&Style in the game “Lajavko” (“Barky”) for Android phones
6.03.2014 Oil producers provide farmers with initial price of 250 euros per ton of sunflower
5.03.2014 New Fertilizers in the Victoria Logistic Range
20.02.2014 CORUM – New Herbicide in the Victoria Logistic Range
20.02.2014 Terms and Conditions of Soya Bean and Sunflower Seed Sales for Production 2014
19.02.2014 Technical solution from Victoriaoil’s factory awarded as the best innovation in Southeastern Europe
7.02.2014 Šmekerica Contest of the Veterinary Institute Subotica in Novi Sad
4.02.2014 St. Sava plaquette for Victoriaoil
24.01.2014 Victoria Group on Global Forum on Food and Agriculture in Berlin
25.12.2013 Award for Dog&Style campaign
20.12.2013 Veterinary Institute Subotica, member of Victoria Group, expands its capacities for the production of animal feed
12.12.2013 Iskon oil - premium quality in new packaging
12.12.2013 Amela Terzić, scholar of Victoria Group, continues with sporting success
12.12.2013 Representatives of Victoria Group with a delegation of PKS in Paris
12.12.2013 Victoria Group presents the experiences of their factories in the use of biomass
4.12.2013 Veterinary Institute Subotica organizes “Šmekerica” (Swag) Contest
3.12.2013 XII Council on Crop Protection
27.11.2013 The Second International Congress Danube Soya Held
25.11.2013 Sojaprotein at “Food Ingredients Europe” Exhibition
6.11.2013 Two “colossi” arrive for loading at the Port of Bačka Palanka
25.10.2013 Victoria Group supports the “Magic Breakfast” humanitarian action
23.10.2013 Victoria Group at the Agricultural Forum “Food for Europe”
16.10.2013 Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Group attends the 2013 Economic Summit
15.10.2013 Sojaprotein participates in Moscow fair
4.10.2013 Fourth “Ruža ZEPS” for Iskon Oil