Benefit - new food line for ruminants from Veterinarski zavod Subotica

A new food line for ruminants from the Veterinarski zavod Subotica, named Benefit, comprises complete mixtures for dairy cows and the fattening of calves. What differentiates these products from other, similar products on the market, is soy molasses, which makes up their integral constituent. Molasses is an optimal and easily digestible carbohydrate, which, besides having a high level of energy, provides sweetness and fragrance, which improves the food consumption among animals.

With Benefit mixtures for dairy cows, their lack of energy during the lactation period is reduced, which prolongs the period of lactation, improves milk production and increases reproductive performance.
Benefit mixtures increase the food energy value and the efficiency of its exploitation in the fattening of calves, which reduces the time needed for fattening and increases the animal daily growth.