Spring sowing finished in Serbia

The spring crops were sown by May and, according to preliminary estimates, an expected 2.5 million ha was sown. Corn, the most widely grown cereal crop in our country, has the dominant share, totaling 1.2 million ha. All of the crops were sown within the customary Serbian limits, except soybeans, which were sown over larger areas than previously, namely on at least 180,000 ha. In comparison with the previous year, a smaller area of sunflowers was sown, estimated to 170,000 - 180,000 ha.

The field crops are in good condition, and spring rains have contributed to faster plant growth, but also to the presence of pests. In the upcoming period, the agricultural producers will be performing crop protection, mandatory inspections of field plots, and monitoring of the condition of crops to ensure their timely protection.