SP Laboratory seeks to prevent the contamination of raspberries and blackberries through education

Radovan Čobanović, Deputy Executive Director of the Microbiological Department at SP Laboratorija, gave a lecture themed “The occurrence and prevention of bacteria and virus contaminations in the course of growing, picking, and processing raspberries and blackberries” to producers from the Požega region.

The aim of the lecture was to raise the producers’ awareness of how inadequate conduct and poor hygiene in the course of growing and processing fruit may cause the spread of bacteria and virus contaminations. The ways contamination can occur from the moment of primary production (prior to harvest) until the moment of sale and consumption were presented, and the measures of prevention were also explained.

The success of the lecture was also shown by the mutual conclusion that this kind of training should be organized every season prior to the harvest of raspberries and blackberries. In this way, SP Laboratorija is able to make a positive contribution to the application of scientific knowledge in practice.