Two “colossi” arrive for loading at the Port of Bačka Palanka

Last weekend, two “colossi” among vessels, 135 m long and 11.45 m wide each, arrived at the same time in the Port of Bačka Palanka for loading. Within the prescribed term, the self-propelled vessel Bosco, which arrived with 615 tons of sunflower, was additionally loaded with 1,381 tons of this oil crop. Concurrently, on the other quay, the self-propelled vessel Avalon was loaded with 2,248 tons of soy protein concentrate (SPC) for Sojaprotein, which was the first transport of this product from our soybean production plant to Rotterdam. The specifics of the SPC loading job are in the fact that it was for the first time that debagging was done in the port, at the request of the shipper. In fact, the goods were delivered in big bags, loaded and dispatched in bulk.