CORUM – New Herbicide in the Victoria Logistic Range

This season, Victoria Logistic in collaboration with BASF, has expanded its range of plant protection agents intended for soya bean producers. New CORUM herbicide is an efficient solution for combating soya bean weeds, based on two active materials: Bentazone (480g/l) and Imazamox (22.4g/l), which act jointly on resistant amaranth, abutilon, Jimson weed, field mustard, black nightshade and burdock.

Soya bean is known to be a slow-growing crop and as a result, it is often taken over by weeds so farmers protect their yields by applying efficient herbicide. For all additional information about the application of the CORUM preparation, farmers can contact the expert service of the Victoria Logistic Agroteam.

Additional information about Corum can also be found here.