News archive

4.06.2013 Victoria Group employees in a volunteer action “Our Belgrade”
28.05.2013 Victoria Group Participates in Non-GMO Product Labelling Conference
23.05.2013 Victoria Group member companies presented themselves at Novi Sad Agricultural Fair
21.05.2013 Two medals for quality for Iskon oil on International Agricultural Fair
20.05.2013 Dog show 'Dog&Style' and Natura fertilizers on Novi Sad’s International Agricultural Fair
20.05.2013 Serbian Government officials on Victoria Group's stand
17.05.2013 Victoria Group on 80th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad
10.05.2013 Victoria Group Receives Recognition for Assistance Provided to Humanitarian Projects
30.04.2013 Senior Management Change in Sojaprotein
29.04.2013 Victoria Group Awarded with Corporate Superbrands Award 2012-2013
19.04.2013 Two Awards for the Victoria Group
17.04.2013 The Victoria Group Presented to a Delegation of Italian Industrials
15.04.2013 The Victoria Group a Partner in the Perspectives and Development of Serbian Agriculture in the Coming Decade Seminar
9.04.2013 Scholarships for best students from Kosovo and Metohija
5.04.2013 Victoria Logistic Organised Gathering of Business Partners
8.03.2013 Victoria Group helps renovate a department of University Children’s Hospital in Tirsova Street
8.03.2013 Two awards for Victoria Group in one day
26.02.2013 Open letter to the Minister of Agriculture
24.02.2013 Press Release
21.02.2013 Press Release
21.02.2013 IFC signed a US$75 million loan agreement with Victoria Group
21.02.2013 Press Release - SP Laboratorija
14.02.2013 Victoria Group new member of The Foreign Investors Council (FIC)
12.02.2013 Victoria Group continues cooperation with Clinical Centre of Serbia
7.02.2013 Victoria Group awarded for contributing to the development of Paralympic sport in Serbia