Victoria Group donates 100 anti-hail rockets to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Victoria Group has donated 100 anti-hail rockets to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sector for Emergency Management in order to protect citizens and domestic agricultural crops from storms. Anti-hail rockets of 6km range will enable timely response in case of hail storms.

“Our company is one of the leading agro-industrial companies and among largest producers and investors in Serbia, working with 40,000 farmers through 300 cooperatives. Every year we have to deal with the problem of bad weather destroying crops, while farmers suffer great production losses. We hope that this donation will help avoid similar situations in the future and enable protection of the citizens, as well as stable and secure yield of domestic agriculture“, said John Chetchuti, COO of Victoria Group in a meeting with the Head of Sector for Emergency Management, Predrag Marić.

In 2013 anti-hail protection in Serbia has been conducted on a total area of 7.7468 million hectares, of which 5,096,646 hectares of agricultural land. During the first part of the season weather was highly unstable with frequent hail storm cloud, causing damage to many crops. According to preliminary data, hail damage has been detected on 49.945 hectares of agricultural land, of which 41.205 hectares were hit in May and 8.701 hectares in June. Largest area hit by hail storm in one day, on May 11th, was 25.557 hectares or 51% of the land, of which 21.787 hectares in Backa.