Two medals for quality for Iskon oil on International Agricultural Fair

Victoriaoil, a member company of Victoria Group, received two awards on this year’s International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. In the category of edible oils, Iskon sunflower oil won the Gold medal for quality, while Iskon soya oil was presented with the Silver medal.

“Awards are important as a confirmation of successful business, and more important – that we are offering the best quality to consumers and the market. This year Iskon oil has received Best of Serbia Award, as well as the highest mark for quality of refined sunflower oil from Serbia’s Association of Consumers. Today we have won medals for quality not only for sunflower oil, but also for soya oil, which is a completely new product in our portfolio”- said Vladimir Šarac, Manager of Control Department in Victoriaoil.

Production and sales of Iskon high-quality sunflower oil with preserved natural characteristic are continuously growing – more than 65 million bottles were produced in 2012. Since the launch on domestic market in 2009, the brand has received numerous awards for quality both in Serbia and abroad. Recently was launched soya refined oil made exclusively from non-genetically modified soybeans.

Gold and silver medals for Iskon oil