News archive

29.01.2015 Victoria Logistic organized a formal dinner party for business partners at the Conference of Agronomists
28.01.2015 Claudio Scarrozza appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Group
12.01.2015 Victoria group provided new year gift packages for the home for children with disabilities at the Monastery of St. Petka
31.12.2014 Presentation of high-protein and gluten-free breads in Sojaprotein
30.12.2014 Recognition for investment into athletics for Victoria Group
29.12.2014 Victoria Group received a certificate of appreciation for the help provided during the may floods
23.12.2014 Victoria Logistic and Sojaprotein introduce Danube Soya Standard
17.12.2014 Tamara Vlastelica Bakić Named the Best Young Manager in 2014
17.12.2014 The Award for the Best Cooperation with Farmers and Cooperatives in 2014
2.12.2014 VII Plant Protection Congress held
24.11.2014 Sojaprotein at the EuroTier 2014 fair
10.11.2014 Victoria Group - an example of good practice at the Webiz seminar
5.11.2014 Participation of Sojaprotein on two international food technology conventions
4.11.2014 Presentation of the project for the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant in the Victoriaoil factory
23.10.2014 Victoria Group at the Fourth food for Europe agricultural forum
21.10.2014 Record sales and production of refined sunflower oil of the Victoriaoil factory
14.10.2014 "From seed to the dining table" - infographics on the purchase and processing of oilseeds
13.10.2014 ISKON oil in the officially best ajvar in Serbia
30.09.2014 Victoria Group winner of “My choice 2014” award for investing in the healthcare sector
24.09.2014 Use of biomass in the sojaprotein factory presented to journalists
17.09.2014 New Sojaprotein General Manager
15.09.2014 Sojaprotein’s quality policy confirmed with three new certificates
12.09.2014 Victoria Group news now also on Facebook
29.08.2014 Meeting with business partners ahead of the new sunflower and soybean purchase season
28.08.2014 Victoriaoil “went out and filled a jar” and proved once again its social responsibility