News archive

18.05.2015 Victoria Logistic organized a gathering with its business partners
15.05.2015 Victoria Group participated in the Round Table on soybean production at the Agricultural Fair
15.05.2015 Victoria Group among the “Heroes of change”
11.05.2015 Victoria Group at the Danube Soya Congress
30.04.2015 Gold Medal for Iskon Oil
30.04.2015 The scope of Danube Soya certification expanded
30.04.2015 Victoria Logistic at the Conferences of the National Society of Processing and Energy in Agriculture
29.04.2015 General Manager at SP Laboratory receives award for contribution to the economy of Vojvodina
28.04.2015 Tasting of Tea Biscuits Enriched with Soya Protein Held at Sojaprotein
27.04.2015 Victoriaoil Supported the First Counseling Conference of the Confectionery Industry in the Region
27.04.2015 Victoria Group at the 4th Conference of Agricultural Students
23.04.2015 Use of Biomass and Agro-pellets Presented at the RENEXPO Fair
21.04.2015 Victoriaoil Helped Soup Kitchens in Kosovo and the Affected People in Majdanpek
1.04.2015 Victoria Group among the biggest net exporters in Serbia
26.03.2015 Victoria Group is a partner of the “Agricultural Policy of Serbia” conference
6.03.2015 Victoria Logistic held over 30 educational presentations
12.02.2015 Victoria Logistic began holding a series of educational presentations
2.02.2015 49th Conference of Agronomists on Zlatibor finished
29.01.2015 Victoria Logistic organized a formal dinner party for business partners at the Conference of Agronomists
28.01.2015 Claudio Scarrozza appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Group
12.01.2015 Victoria group provided new year gift packages for the home for children with disabilities at the Monastery of St. Petka
31.12.2014 Presentation of high-protein and gluten-free breads in Sojaprotein
30.12.2014 Recognition for investment into athletics for Victoria Group
29.12.2014 Victoria Group received a certificate of appreciation for the help provided during the may floods
23.12.2014 Victoria Logistic and Sojaprotein introduce Danube Soya Standard