Victoria Group on 80th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Victoria Group invites you to visit our stand at the Master Hall of Novi Sad’s 80th International Agricultural Fair, between May 18-24, 2013, where the company will present its business activities and product portfolio During the fair Victoria Group will participate on two important regional conferences, and will present the products and services of its member companies Sojaprotein, Veterinary Institute Subotica, SP Laboratory, Victoria Logistic and Fertil.


Presentation Programme:

Saturday, 18 May

  • Business Forum  “Food: what connects us - units us“, 1-3 PM (Congress Centre)

Victoria Group will participate in the Business Forum organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia. The main topic will be regional cooperation in agriculture, food industry and commerce. Mr. Goran Borčak, Victoria Logistic’s General Manager, will take part in this conference on behalf of Victoria Group. Other participants are:

-  Tihomir Jakovina, Minister of Agriculture - Croatia
-  Goran Knežević, Minister of Agriculture - Serbia
-  Nadan Vidošević, President of Croatia’s Chamber of Commerce
-  Željko Sertić, President of Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce
-  Ivica Todorić, Chairman of the Board of Agrokor
-  Emil Tedeschi, Chairman of the Board of Atlantic Group
-  Zvonimir Mršić, Chairman of the Board of Podravka
-  Miodrag Kostić, Chairman of the Board of MK Group
-  Bojan Radun, General Manager of  Nektar
-  Vedrana Jelušić, EBRD representative

Monday, 20 May

  • 12-1 PM (Congress Centre) - Victoria Logistic Agroteam: “Advantages and Possibilities of Application of Natura Fertilizers with Raw Phosphate” (dr Dragi Stevanović, dr Duško Marinković, Natalija Kurjak)
  • 11 AM – 1 PM (in front of Hall 27) - Veterinary Insitute Subotica: Dog Show

Tuesday, 21 May

  • Sojaprotein,12-1 PM (Congress Centre): “Production and Use of Soya Protein Concentrates in Human and Animal Nutrition“ (Siniša Sadžakov, Čedomir Pešić)

Wednesday, 22 May

  • 12-1 PM (Congress Centre) - SP Laboratory: “SP Laboratory’s Support to Food Industry - Microbiological Criteria’’ (Marija Marković), “Serbia’s Export Potentials – Demonstrating Origin and Authenticity of Plum cherry  by IRMS Device’’ (Maja Lojović), “Foreign Regulations within Export of Berries – Analysing Pesticides Residues’’ (Maja Pandurević Todorović)
  • 10 AM – 2 PM (in front of Hall 27) - Veterinary Institute Subotica: Fish Soup tasting

Thursday, 23 May

  • 10 AM - 2 PM (Congress Centre) - Conference “Importance of Labelling NON-GMO Products“
    As Sojaprotein, a member company of the Group, is among leading European processors of non-GMO soybean, Victoria Group will participate at the conference and round-table about the importance of labelling non-GMO products, organized by the German Association for International Cooperation GIZ, Danube Soya Association and Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad. The company’s representative will be Natalija Kurjak, Relationship Marketing Manager.
  • 12.30-1.30 PM (Congress Centre) - Veterinary Institute Subotica: “Presentation of New Dog Food Brand - Dog&Style’’ (Milan Rajin), “Cattle Feed’’ (Igor Apić)


  • Fertil and Victoria Logistic: promotional activities every day of the Fair in front of the Hall number 10
  • Veterinary Institute Subotica: Sampling of pet food – across theHall 11 (18-19 May), in front of the Hall 27 (21-24 May)