Leaders in purchase and processing of oilseeds

NON-GMO soy, sunflower and rapeseed

Among largest exporters in Serbia

More than 50 export markets around the world

Sustainable investments in agro-industry

High quality according to European standards

Victoria Starch on the market with two pellet products
Energy agro-pellets from crop residue with min. 50% of soybean straw as cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy source. Pellets for animal litter from wheat straw as a completely natural and highly hygienic product.
Iskon oil awarded by world-famous chefs
For the second time in a row, Iskon edible sunflower oil was presented with the prestigious “Superior Taste Award 2017”, awarded by the iTQi - International Taste and Quality Institute based in Brussels.


Regional cooperation for GMO-free soybean from the Danube region continues
Iskon oil in the best ajvar in Serbia
The right time for soil analysis as an investment in the five-year production plan
Veterinary Institute Subotica active at the Veterinary Conferences
Pellets for animal litter presented to poulterers
NON-GMO soy products for human and animal consumption
Sunflower, soy and rapeseed products: oil, meal, lecithin
Victoria Logistic
Trade and storage of agricultural goods, organization of production


Victoria Group is one of the largest exporters in Serbia and at the very top in agri-food sector.


>50 countries on 5 continents


80% of export for European Union

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Edible sunflower oil from technologically most advanced factory in the Balkans, with high vitamin E content and natural antioxidants.



Cooperation with agricultural community based on long-term partnerships, integrity, reliability and high quality.


40,000 farmers


300 cooperatives

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