Victoria Logistic certified according to the ISCC standard

Victoria Logistic, as one of the leading buyers of oilseeds and grains in our country, has introduced the ISCC standard - the international certification system for sustainable production and gas emissions, as well as biomass and bioenergy.

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) serves as evidence of compliance with environmental and social criteria as well as traceability, which qualifies biomass companies for legal recognition in accordance with the objectives of European Directive 2009/28/EC (EU RED).

This certification covers the rapeseed, soybean and corn from the agricultural crops, but also eight silos owned by the company. This will allow Victoria Logistic to provide certified raw materials for Victoriaoil and Sojaprotein, factories which also operate within the business system of Victoria Group, as well as another guarantee of product safety and quality.

Victoria Logistic ensures traceability throughout the entire supply chain - from agricultural producers to processors. Six suppliers have also been certified to date, and as the process continues, during our soybean and corn campaign, a further 14 suppliers will be included.