Meeting with business partners ahead of the new sunflower and soybean purchase season

The sunflower harvest has just started and the purchase of this agricultural raw material is in its initial phase. The start of the harvest in most locations is expected by 5 September, and the intensive harvest of soybean is expected between 10 and 15 September.

This was the reason why Victoria Logistic organised a meeting with its business partners ahead of this year’s purchase season. More than 200 agricultural producers from all over Serbia met on this occasion in Novi Sad, and the attendees were addressed by Nikola Vujačić, Victoria Group Chief Operating Officer; Mladen Jovanović, Victoria Logistic Director; Goran Borčak, Victoria Logistic Commercial Director; Dragoljub Milinković, Front Office Director, and Natalija Kurjak, Victoria Logistic Marketing Director. Following the presentation of the company’s purchase plans, the partners had the opportunity to get answers to all their questions regarding the purchase of sunflower and soybean as well as cooperation with the company in the next period.

Victoria Logistic, a member of Victoria Group, cooperates with more than 40,000 agricultural producers and more than 300 subcontractors, and invests more than EUR 50 million annually in pre-financing agricultural production. The company recently introduced the ISCC standard, which will additionally guarantee the safety and quality of raw materials.