News archive

26.06.2017 The 58th Conference on the Production and Processing of Oilseeds
19.06.2017 Danube Soya Field Day
16.06.2017 ISKON Oil Awarded by World-Famous Chefs
2.06.2017 4 Years of Success for Victoria Logistic Call Center
29.05.2017 Victoria Logistic offered three oilseed purchase models
19.05.2017 Victoria Logistic and the Veterinary Institute Subotica gather 500 business partners
18.05.2017 Victoria Group awarded for successes in the export of soy and sunflower meal
17.05.2017 Victoria Group among the 15 largest exporters within the first quarter
11.05.2017 Iskon advances in Chinese market
8.05.2017 Victoria Logistic discusses seed reception and drying at the 2017 PTEP Conference
3.05.2017 Victoria Group supports “Battle for Knowledge”
28.04.2017 Sojaprotein discusses the export to the British market
24.04.2017 Two new disinfectants from Veterinary Institute Subotica
20.04.2017 ISKON continues to confirm its quality at the Novi Sad Fair
20.04.2017 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia assembled the Grains, Industrial Crops and Fodder Group
19.04.2017 Tamara Vlastelica presented with the “PRO PR AWARDS” international recognition
18.04.2017 Record donation to Food Bank
6.04.2017 The sowing of spring crops
5.04.2017 ABS second regular monitoring at SP Laboratorija
31.03.2017 The New Design of the Victoria Logistic Magazine and Website
27.03.2017 Quality Soybean: From Science to Practice
24.03.2017 Save Energy, Save the Planet
23.03.2017 New Company Video of the Veterinary Institute Subotica
10.03.2017 The Third Blood Donation Campaign Organized in Victoriaoil
9.03.2017 Increase in Animal Feed Sales