Victoria Group has invested over 250 million EUR in developing its production capacities and technology. Our investments for the period  2011 - 2012 alone have been worth 55 million EUR.

Some of the biggest investments have been:


2003/2004 Big-Bag packaging machine (Librawerk)

2003/2004 Warehouse for finished products (Budućnost)

2004/2005 Increase of capacity of FDS

2005 New grain dryer (Schmidt Seeger)

2007 Warehouse for packaging

2007 Under-floor storage for biomass

2008/2009 Packaging and palletization line (BTH)

2008/2009 Extruding line (Wenger)

2011 Extruder (Buhler)

2008/2009 Line for grinding of white flakes (Bauermeister)

2010 Line for grinding full-fat material (Hosokawa Alpine)

2007 Boiler house – biomass – straw (Kirka)

2010/2012 TSPC – plant for production of traditional protein concentrate

2011/2012 Warehouse for finished goods (Slovas)

2011/2012 Reconstruction of the gas boiler house

2011/2012 Water factory

2011/2012 Boiler for spent grain (Vyncke)

2012 HP boiler on pellets of straw (Vyncke) – ongoing



2005/2006 First reconstruction Crushing (HPP Group)

2006/2007 Refinery / bio-diesel (Lurgi)

2007 Boiler on bio-mass (Kirka)

2008 Basement storage for bran

2009 Line for filling oil in PET (Siedel)

2009/2010 Second reconstruction of Crushing (HF Group, Lurgi, DeSmet, Westfalia)

2010 Cold degumming (Westfalia)

2010/2011 Basement for storage of sun flower and soy grits (Inter-kop)

2012 Boiler on biomass – bran (Vyncke) – ongoing



2005/2006 Factory for compacting compost (Koepern)


SP Laboratory

2005/2006 New building of the laboratory in accordance with all the requirements of protection from cross-contamination

2007 IRMS Instrument for determining the ratio of stable isotopes

2011 ICP/MS Instrument with induced coupled plasma and mass detector for determining metals, metal-radioactive isotopes

2012 LC/MS/MS Fluid chromatography with mass spectrometry for confirmation of residual levels of contaminants in animal feed


Port Bačka Palanka

2011 Construction of the coastal fort 486.31 m long (ongoing)


Veterinary Institute Subotica

2007 Purchase of a plant in Srpska Crnja and purchase of licence from Sibmiofarm for the production of veterinary medicines

2008 Construction of substation – construction

2008-2009 Plant for extrusion of fish feed

2008-2009 Boiler house

2008-2009 Regional warehouse

2008-2009 Adaptation of the plant and purchase of equipment for the production of powder veterinary medicines in Srpska Crnja in compliance with the GMP standard

2008-2010 Adaptation of the plant and purchase of equipment for the production of liquid veterinary medicines in Subotica in compliance with the GMP standard

2010-2011 Construction of loading cone in the silo

2011-2012 Adaptation of the plant and purchase of equipment for plasma in compliance with the GMP standard