Victoria Phosphate

Victoria Phosphate deals with the design and development of a mine and phosphate flotation facility in the Lisina deposits, near Bosilegrad - where the extraction of phosphate ore will take place, as well as the production of concentrated phosphate. Concentrated phosphate is a primary raw material in the production of mineral fertilisers. The nearest current deposits of phosphate ore are located in the north of Finland and the North African region, which makes Lisina the only significant deposit in continental Europe. It is therefore of major strategic significance for the Republic of Serbia.

A comprehensive feasibility study has been completed, which has verified ore deposits of 72 million tons of phosphate, with an average content of 9% P2O5. The UK-based company, SRK Consulting, has confirmed the estimate of Lisina’s resources as compliant with the international JORC standard, which marks a significant step forward in the development of the Lisina project.