Tasting of Tea Biscuits Enriched with Soya Protein Held at Sojaprotein

A presentation and tasting of food products from the group of fine bakery products similar to biscuits was held at Sojaprotein on April 27. The products were prepared using different kinds of soybean flour.

The Sojaprotein team responsible for the development and enhancement of the use of soybean products application, in cooperation with the Department of Carbohydrate Food Engineering of the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, prepared tea biscuits with an increased portion of soya protein. After tasting, the products were subjected to “consumer tests” to determine consumer perception when choosing products, which were given highly positive results and comments.

There is a constantly growing demand for products of high nutritive value, controlled quality and additional health benefits in the confectionery industry. With this presentation, Sojaprotein continues to promote innovative formulations with soya proteins and the development of products enriched with functional supplements for special consumer categories.