Ointment production in Subotica

In November, the plant for the production of ointment for general use was set up in the Veterinary Institute Subotica. The plant covers an area of around 200m2 and it was built in accordance with all the requirements of the domestic legal regulations and standards regarding the production of objects for general use.

The plant includes space for the production of ointment and filling of primary packaging, i.e. tubes, space for the secondary packaging of ointment, as well as storage space for raw materials, packaging and finished products. By applying a technological solution, a line was formed for the production of ointment and filling of up to 300,000 50g tubes annually.

Although Veterinary Institute Subotica is known as a manufacturer of feed and pharmaceutical preparations for animals, the manufacture of ointment represents a significant leap towards a range for human use. The products that will be manufactured at this plant are Flogo ointment, Zinc-vitamin ointment and Ihtiol Kamfor ointment, and there are already plans for the expansion of this range.