Electronic field register training held

The Victoria Logistic Agroteam organised training for its partners in using the “Knjiga Polja” (‘Field Register’) application.  The training was intended for business partners possessing the ISCC certificate for rapeseed. Owing to this very certification, Victoria Logistic provided them with free use of the electronic field register application.

At the training, the producers were presented with the benefits of introducing the standard into the primary agricultural production process, which include the difference in price of the final product. Introducing the standard means that every point in the production process must be recorded, demonstrable and verifiable at all times, and producers must maintain field registers to fulfil these requirements. At the end of the production process, farmers are required to provide part of the collected documentation when selling their products. If the documentation is incomplete, their usability value decreases, because the further method of use of the products depends on the documentation available - whether it will be used as food for humans, domesticated animals, pets or in the biofuel production process.