Condition of wheat crops

Current temperatures favour the growth and development of wheat. Precipitation in the previous period did not significantly improve soil moisture. The application of N fertilisers to wheat crop parcels has been finished. Wheat is currently in the stage of stem tillering and growth. The number of nodes differs depending on the sowing date, with crops mostly being in the stage of one to three nodes.

Diseases are present in wheat in all regions, especially in wheat from the early sowing dates, namely: Septoria tritici - leaf blotch and Erisyphe graminis - powdery mildew. For wheat which suffered substantial wind and low temperature damage, the presence of diseases is higher. The following weeds are visible in wheat crops: Galium - cleaver, Stellaria - chickweed, Sinapis arvense - charlock, Cirsium - Plume thistles, Fumaria officinalis - Earth smoke. Their treatment is expected in the days to come (temperatures have stabilised). The application of herbicides and fungicides to wheat crops is under way.

The wheat crop on the parcel of the Agricultural School in Futog is in the starting stage of tillering. The presence of disease has not been observed. Weeds are visible in the wheat crop. Over the course of the following week, herbicides will be applied. Roe deer caused substantial damage to crops on the smaller part of the parcel.