Victoria Logistic Call Centre serves Farmers for full three Years

The Call Centre of Victoria Logistic has been receiving calls from agricultural producers for over three years. The professional service of the company has given more than 1,000 pieces of advice regarding most diverse agricultural issues, and the users rated it as a fast and easy way to obtain useful and reliable information.

The questions which the Professional Service deals with depend on the season and current situations in the fields. In the previous period, most questions related to weed control and the proper use and dosage of chemical preparations. There is always a lot of interest in soil analysis.

The existence of the Victoria Logistic Call Centre has proved to be extremely important, especially for independent producers who do not have their own advisers and therefore need advice when making decisions on certain aspects of agricultural production.

Calling the Call Center is free of charge for all farmers, and the Call Center number 0800 333 330 is open from 8 AM to 4 PM on work days.