"Ruža Zeps" gold medal for quality of Iskon oil

Iskon oil, produced by Victoriaoil, was awarded the "Ruža Zeps" gold medal for quality, at the General BH. ZEPS Fair 2012.

On this occasion, which took place in Zenica for the 19th consecutive time, Iskon oil was awarded the medal for the third year in a row, as based on the assessment of consumer groups, the results of laboratory tests in specialized Agricultural and Food Engineering Laboratories in Sarajevo, and the decision of the fair’s jury in Zenica.

'We are very pleased and honored that for the third year in a row Iskon oil wins the highest marks for quality, especially with such strong competition in the market. The significance of this award is supported by the fact that this award is given not only by renowned institutions on the basis of laboratory research, but also by the consumers themselves, which further confirms that our investments in the quality and production process of Iskon oil are justified for the end customers", responded Victoriaoil General Manager, Rajko Čavorović.

The award ceremony was held in Zenica, October 5, 2012.

Iskon oil is one of the leading brands on the local market, thanks to its exceptional quality and a high level of vitamin E enrichment. Iskon owes its quality to its organic origin as a pure and natural sunflower oil, certified according to GMP and IFS standards, while its market power is reflected in its competitive price. The market of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the third largest market in the export of Iskon oil brand of Victoriaoil.