Victoria Starch

Victoria Starch, the newest member of Victoria Group, is registered for the production of starch and its derivatives. Planned investments in the starch industry would open up new opportunities for the placement of value added goods for food, feed, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In 2012, the equipment for the production of agricultural biomass pellets was installed in the newly built plant in Zrenjanin, while the continuous production of agro-pellets began in mid-2013. Agro-pellet is a product obtained by pressing biomass under high pressure, without adding any binding agents, and with very little moisture content. Soybean, wheat and corn straw are the raw materials used in the process of pellet production. In addition to saving energy, pellets are an environmentally-friendly energy source intended for a wide variety of purposes, from fuelling household furnaces and fireplaces, to powering large power plants.