Victoria Logistic

Victoria Logistics deals with trade, transport, and storage of agricultural goods, organisation of primary agricultural production, and distribution of intermediate goods.

Victoria Logistic provides raw materials for the needs of the factories within Victoria Group, as well as market placement. As the leader in the field of purchasing oilseeds and grains, it successfully cooperates with around 40,000 farmers through more than 300 co-operatives, insuring necessary intermediate goods and providing advisory services to partners.

The company owns significant storage capacities; 450,000 tonnes of different kinds of goods are stored in Victoria Logistics’ silos and factory warehouses, and external capacities are also rented, as necessary. The total volume of transport surpasses million tonnes a year.

Victoria Logistics also deals with the purchase of biomass: soy straw, wheat and corn, as well as the production and sale of biomass pellets.

As a member company within Victoria Group, Victoria Logistics is a member of Danube Soya Association - independent international association that promotes European production of NON-GMO soybeans of high quality and determined origin.