Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia assembled the Grains, Industrial Crops and Fodder Group

The constitutive session of the Grains, Industrial Crops and Fodder Group at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia was held in Belgrade, on April 11. Goran Radić, Director of the “Stari Tamiš” Company, was elected the group chairman and Olga Čurović, Director of “Industrijsko bilje” Business Association, was elected deputy chairwoman. The company Victoria Logistic is represented by Natalija Kurjak, Marketing Director.


ISKON continues to confirm its quality at the Novi Sad Fair

The traditional quality assessment of products categorized into several commodity groups was organized ahead of the 84th International Agricultural Fair which will be held in Novi Sad from May 13 to 19. ISKON edible sunflower oil produced by Victoriaoil, a Victoria Group member company, has been awarded several times already at the Novi Sad Fair for its exceptional quality. This year ISKON was awarded a gold medal which was received by Vladimir Šarac, Quality Control and New Products Development Director at Victoriaoil.


Tamara Vlastelica presented with the “PRO PR AWARDS” international recognition

As part of the “PRO PR 2017” regional conference dedicated to public relations, prestigious “PRO PR Awards” were presented on April 8 to individuals who have contributed to the development of the PR profession over the course of their careers, both in their own county and in the region. The candidates are nominated by an international jury composed of individuals working in all areas of public relations, and a special committee chooses the winners by analyzing media announcements and the candidates’ professional results.


Record donation to Food Bank

As part of the large Easter charity campaign “Helping together” (“Pomažemo zajedno”), the Food Bank received a record donation of 7 tons of staple foods in only one day. The charity was organized by Delhaize Serbia and its partners, among which was Victoriaoil, a Victoria Group member company.


The sowing of spring crops

The beginning of spring marks the beginning of intense work on the most important task in agriculture — the sowing of spring field crops. Every year in March, April, and a part of May, over 1.5 million hectares of land are sown with corn, soybeans, sunflower and sugar beet.

Sugar beet will be sown first, on around 60,000 hectares this year, which, provided that the yields are as expected, meets the requirements of the processing capacities of sugar refineries in Serbia.


ABS second regular monitoring at SP Laboratorija

The second regular monitoring evaluation by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ABS) was carried out in March at SP Laboratorija in compliance with the requirements of the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard. In the course of monitoring, ABS had verified the competency of personnel in charge of conducting research, as well as the equipment, and the results of previous evaluations.

This year, the method of determining allergens in milk and the specific methods of food testing were added to the “Scope of Accreditation” of SP Laboratorija.


The New Design of the Victoria Logistic Magazine and Website

Victoria Logistic, a Victoria Group member company, publishes the agricultural magazine “Za našu zemlju” (“For Our Land”) each month. A fresh design marked the beginning of the fifth year for this magazine, 3000 copies of which are printed and distributed to business partners and agricultural producers across our country, and it is also sent electronically to over 1000 e-mail addresses. The magazine deals with current topics in the field of agriculture, and it shares the experiences of agricultural producers.


Quality Soybean: From Science to Practice

On March 21 and 22, the fourth workshop within the “GMO-free Quality Soybean From the Danube Region” project of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) was held in Novi Sad. The topic was “The Transfer of Knowledge from Science to Practice as an Instrument for Achieving Economically, Ecologically and Socially Sustainable GMO-free Soybean Production”.


New Company Video of the Veterinary Institute Subotica

The Veterinary Institute Subotica, a Victoria Group member company, has prepared a new company video to support its sales. The three-minute video sums up the development of the Veterinary Institute Subotica and its business successes, emphasizing that it is the most complete system in the field of veterinary medicine in Serbia, and the only company offering end-to-end solution for livestock breeding – from preventive measures, through feeding to the treatment of animals.

The video can be viewed here.