Victoria Logistic at the conferences on Plant Protection and Processing in Agriculture

The XIV Plant Protection Counseling Session organized by the Plant Protection Society of Serbia was held from November 27 to December 1, as the largest vocational gathering where, each year, the latest information in the field of plant protection is exchanged and the current problems and subjects that defined the previous period are discussed.


Victoriaoil supports the “Warm dinar” charity

A huge charity event called “Topli dinar” (“Warm Dinar”) organized by the supermarket chain PerSu, and supported by Victoriaoil, a Victoria Group member company, has been completed.

During the month of October, this supermarket chain donated 1 dinar from each purchase, amounting to over 1.5 million dinars for firewood for 100 of the most disadvantaged families in Vojvodina. The firewood was distributed during the first half of November.


Victoria Group participates in “Original Conversations” supporting young people

Victoria Group took part in the “Originalni razgovori” (“Original Conversations”) project organized by Original Magazine and the Novak Djoković Foundation. The goal of the project was to give young people who do not have extensive work experience a chance to speak to HR experts from big Serbian companies, and to provide them with an opportunity to improve their communication skills, boost their CV and overcome stage fright when presenting their skills to a potential employer through job interview simulations.


The 7th Agricultural Forum “Food for Europe”

The 7th  Agricultural Forum “Food for Europe” organized by the Economics Institute and the Serbian Association of Agricultural Economists was held in Vrdnik, November 16-18, gathering scientific and practical experts. Representatives from the government, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS), agricultural and food companies and cooperatives took part in the Forum discussing the subject of “smart agriculture”.


The right time for soil analysis as an investment in the five-year production plan

The starting point leading to high quality and high yield is the implementation of the agrotechnical measure known as soil fertility analysis. Fertility analysis enables agricultural manufacturers to save money indirectly, by learning about the chemical value of the soil based on the results of the analysis and consequently about which mineral fertilizers should be added and in which quantities.


Pellets for animal litter presented to poulterers

The 26th Poulterers Conference organized by CIIP Živinarstvo took place from September 26 to September 30 on Tara Mountain with a number of international participants. In the course of the event, more than 170 participants had the opportunity to find out all the details about agro pellets for animal litter, a new product placed on the market by Victoria Starch, a member company of Victoria Group.