Victoria Logistic Organised Gathering of Business Partners

On the occasion of the upcoming harvest, Victoria Logistic, a member of the Victoria Group, hosted a gathering of around 250 business partners on 4 April, at the Congress Hall of the Master Centre in Novi Sad. The meeting served as an opportunity to exchange views and discuss plans for the coming period.

The participants were welcomed by the CEO of the company Goran Borčak, who presented the plans and strategy of the company and summarised the problems the local agro-industry faced in 2012. Mr Borčak emphasised that although the new year brings new challenges, Victoria Logistic is ready to respond to them and, together with its partners, accomplish the set goals. Mr Borčak also presented the new structure of the company, which has recently been divided into two linked units – the logistics processes and Agrotim, in order to ensure the best quality of operations in the company.

Agrotim members were presented by Nebojša Vuković, Head of the Front Office. Other presenters included Mladen Jovanović, Head of the Transport and Storage Service; Dragoljub Milinković, Head of Category Managers; and Dr Duško Marinković, Expert Advisor in the Agro-service. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to hear several partners present their experience of cooperation with Victoria Logistic, assessing it as very successful.