Victoria Logistic began holding a series of educational presentations

On February 3, Victoria Logistic, together with its agricultural cooperatives, initiated the education of agricultural producers by holding a series of presentations. The current program of input materials as well as all the benefits of a joint business cooperation with Victoria Logistic were presented on this occasion. The presentation was given by experts from the company - Ljubica Vukićević, Manager of the Expert Service, Dr. Duško Marinković, Deputy Manager of the Expert Service, Tijana Miskin from the Category Service, and Radmila Filipović, a commercial representative.

It is planned to hold 40 educational presentations in the coming period, which will present the advantages of using Fertil’s mineral fertilizers, the system of mineral fertilizers application based on soil analysis, and the savings that can be made at the same time. The pesticide and seed programs which will be offered by the company this year shall also be presented. The Expert Service of Victoria Logistic shall make an effort to point out the possible economic loss arising from the inadequate application of mineral fertilizers, the advantages of using declared seeds, as well as to explain the procedure of the proper and rational use of appropriate pesticides.