Victoria Group - an example of good practice at the Webiz seminar

Victoria Group presented its strategy in digital communication within the three-day Webiz seminar.

Webiz is a program for education in the business application of the Internet, and this year it was held in Subotica, from 7-9 November. It is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for employees in marketing, PR, and sales sectors in large companies, public enterprises, and other organizations. It includes various lectures on the online presentation of companies, effective social media presence, building relationships with the Internet community, and attracting new clients, as well as on online sales.

Victoria Group, as an example of good practice, presented the application of corporate communication strategy to digital channels, and at the same time presented the concept of corporate websites, websites of member companies, Agrotim agricultural portal, and its presentation on the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.