Use of Soy Products promoted to Caterers in Novi Sad

After the promotion of the range of finished soybean products for use in human consumption in catering facilities on the territory of the municipality of Bečej, Sojaprotein began to promote this production segment in restaurants in Novi Sad. Zorica Belić, technology coordinator for the use of soybean products at Sojaprotein, held an educational presentation on the nutrient value of this protein and oil crop and the possibilities to use it in the catering industry.

On this occasion, a few well known dishes were prepared in a completely different way, by using soybean instead of animal-origin proteins. Products of Sojaprotein, such as soybean flakes, chunks and slices, are suitable for a vegetarian diet and specific menus (high-protein, gluten-free, lean), and therefore one may notice the increasing interest in the expansion of food offered in conventional restaurants, with these types of meat-free dishes.